We are constantly discussing, creating and tweaking logos and brands for companies – it’s what we love to do and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What proves to be a constant battle is explaining to clients why the process can take so long, and be more expensive, than many clients expect.

“Just choose a nice font and grab an image off of Google.” may be what the masses believe but it is simply not the case.

Your brand is much more than a quirky design combined with some words. Your brand is how the majority of your customers or clients will first see you and for this reason is massively important.

You will spend days, weeks, months or even years developing your business strategies, forecasting budgets and sales scenarios. So why then scrimp on your brand image?

A well designed and considered brand strategy will set you apart from your opposition and ensure that you convey a convincing message to your chosen audience. Your brand will be developed to perform in all areas of your business – online, in print, on huge banners or as a favicon on your website.

Of course you can jump on numerous websites and get cheap and cheerful logos knocked up for not much more than the price of a cup of coffee, and for some, this may well be enough.

But be warned, cheap logos are exactly that and if your aspirations for your brand or business are bigger than a calling card and an ad in the White Pages then we urge you to consider discussing your needs with a competent professional.

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