Rocket Science craft beer brand

The Rocket Science craft beer brand is a new range of craft beers launched by Dennis Beer Co.

It’s a tough job to get brand recognition in the crazy and eclectic world of craft beer, so Dennis Beer Co asked eroomcreative to give them a hand.

After the exchange of way too many potential names there was a real eureka moment when we claimed “How hard can it be to come up with the right name? It’s hardly rocket science is it?” There was a moment of silence and we simultaneously removed our thinking caps. The beer legend that is ‘Rocket Science’ was born.

The next challenge was to convey the quirky humour that the market place demands. eroomcreative developed the concept of the Rocket Scientist and his steam-punk styled rocket ship and this was then applied to the various beer varieties. We incorporated the huge talents of UK-based illustrator Chris Smedley to add the required polish to the concept.

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