GO Magazine customer publication

The Kloster Group had recently re-branded and wanted to communicate their new image to their extensive database of current and previous customers. The resulting concept was GO Magazine, a premium quality 68-page customer publication that was mailed out annually.

The Kloster Group has been serving the motoring needs of the Newcastle and Hunter region of New South Wales for over 75 years. They wanted to reach out to their loyal customers with something that was more than a hard-nosed sales drive and actually demonstrated their commitment and appreciation of the community that they served.

The solution needed to be a soft sell, brand awareness exercise that featured the nine motoring manufacturers that the company represents, but do so without favouring one particular marque… not an easy job!

GO Magazine conveys all that is good about the Newcastle and Hunter region. Using interviews with nationally recognised personalities that are linked with the area, we are able to attract peoples attention – and you don’t get more attraction than Jennifer Hawkins!

In each issue the main interview is supported by a substantial local travel feature that encourages the reader to explore and enjoy the beauty of the area where they live. Other features include interviews with interesting local individuals, clubs, landmarks and restaurants. Plus there is always a cleverly crafted and researched story on the history of the Kloster Group to demonstrate how the brand integrates into the very fabric of the community.

The success story

The magazine has been well received by both the management and sales team at Klosters as well as the 25,000 customers that have received it. In addition the publication has provided the company with an impressive sales tool that demonstrates the strength and history of their brand and their commitment to being the best.


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